Lesson 2 univocal equivocal and analogous

I use this lesson to support teaching ocr a level for the new specification this lesson introduces the concepts of equivocal and univocal language and the concept of analogy. Univocal, equivocal, and analogous use of words when a word is always used to refer to the same concept, this is referred to in logic as the univocal lesson 2 deploying a file server knowledge assessment fill in the blank complete the following sentences by writing the correct word or words in.  equivocation is likewise a source of error in an inference it may also be an analogous term  the term may not be equivocal  equivocation classification of terms functional extension signification supposition mutual relation singular univocal material connected terms unconnected. High quality example sentences with univocal terms in context from reliable sources - ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in ha wolfson has presented evidence for aristotle's recognition of a type of term intermediate between equivocal and univocal terms, some.

A univocal term or phrase is one which has only one possible meaning this is often a subjective assessment, but (for instance) words like male buck, pitcher, charged and battery are just a few examples of equivocal terms these are words that sound the same (and are spelled the same) yet. 1 univocal - terms are univocal 2 equivocal - terms may be considered equivocal of they exhibit difference in meaning or signification whenever they are used in at least two occasions 3 analogous - terms are analogous if they express partly the same and partly different meanings. Equivocality , equivocalness equivocal — i adjective ambiguous, ambiguus, ambivalent, amphibological, amphibolous, anceps, bewildering, cloudy, confusing, controversial, debatable, deceptive, dim, disputable, doubtful, dubious, dubius, enigmatic, enigmatical, equivocating. Logic - lesson 10: univocal, equivocal, analogical terms 1 a term in logic is the subject or the predicate of a proposition (a declarative sentence) tasty has the same meaning in both statements b equivocally: two meanings.

§ 13 univocal, equivocal and analogous terms a univocal term is one which is always employed with the same intension when an analogous term is applied to objects between which the analogy exists, its meaning in the two cases is in so far different, that the characteristic signified is present in. Equivocally, a fan can signify the tool for moving air and an enthusiastic admirer of a celebrity or public performer analogous terms terms become analogous when their inferiors are partly the same but also partly different in their use or essence the emphasis on the analogy of inferiors, in this case. Aristotle on univocal, equivocal, and derivative terms (categories, c1) - philosophy core in this video, i deal with the difference between univocal, equivocal and analogous terms go to wwwcorporatevocabularycom for the complete lesson on equivocal and a full course to give you.

Univocal definition is - having one meaning only how to use univocal in a sentence earliest known print evidence of univocal, in the sense of having one meaning only, dates the word to the mid-1500s, somewhat earlier than its more familiar antonym equivocal (meaning often misleadingly subject to. While it is not univocal, it is at the same time not absolutely equivocal but it was stated above that the word 'univocal' was applied to those things which had both name and definition in common if you ask a dialectical question in plain and univocal language, the respondent is bound to answer yes. From late latin ūnivocus + -al (uk) ipa(key): /juːnɪˈvəʊkəl/, /juːˈnɪvək(ə)l/ (us) ipa(key): /juːnɪˈvoʊkəl/, /juːˈnɪvək(ə)l/ univocal (not comparable) having only one possible meaning 1999, karen armstrong, the case for god, vintage 2010, p 146: there were, he argued, some words.

Study 13 equivocal, univocal,analogous excerses flashcards from olivia f on studyblue religious said of a woman and said of a piece of music analogous athlete said of a swimmer and said if a soccer player univocal walk said of a man's motion and said of a pathway. Univocal terms are words, such as entomology, that precisely describe one idea equivocal terms are words like chihuahua, both a dog and a city, that analogous terms are metaphors, such as worm, which refers to the animal or a suspicious person a univocal term is a word that both correctly and. Univocal and equivocal terms are often referred to in religious language, but what do they mean the term 'bat' could also be seen as an equivocal term you could be talking about a 'cricket bat' or thomas aquinas on religious language as analogous aquinas argued that our positive talk about. Univocal - equivocal: foldop - free on line dictionary of philosophy [home, info] ▸ words similar to univocal equivocal ▸ invented words related to univocal equivocal search for univocal equivocal on google or wikipedia.

Lesson 2 univocal equivocal and analogous

Equivocal - word of the day - definition - learn with cindy build your vocabulary by watching one video a day with cindy and integrating it into your daily use today we are gonna talk about equivocal equivocal also has other forms equivocality,equivocally and equivocalness. Univocal equivocal analogical what is equivocal, univocal and analogous | yahoo answers report abuse additional details if you believe your intellectual property has been infringed lesson plan format student name: keysha starks date: july 3, 2013 lesson plan title: word and fluency grade. This is a topic which we will probably have to return to in the future, but a start has to be made definitions are inextricably bound up with terms, and one classification of terms divides them up into univocal, equivocal, and analogous let us briefly review these three classes.

  • The words univocal, equivocal, and analogical can be used in reference to terms (words), to mental concepts (conceptually), and to being as already mentioned, the concepts of univocity, equivocity, and analogy, however, are not limited to words or terms these concepts can apply to the mental.
  • 900-1000: richard cross (university of notre dame): 'the division of being and scotus's argument for the existence of a first cause' 1000-1100: lukáš novák (charles university, prague): 'suárez's notion of analogy: scotus's essential order in disguise.
  • Equivocal is an antonym of univocal as adjectives the difference between equivocal and univocal is that equivocal is having two or more equally applicable meanings capable of double or multiple interpretation ambiguous uncertain while univocal is having only one possible meaning.

This video focuses on aristotle's work, the categories, and examines his distinction in chapter 1 between three types of terms - univocal (sunonuma. 2 analogy and logic the need for introducing analogy into greek thought seems to have arisen from two kinds of problems: the first was strictly logical-linguistic, while the second one was more properly metaphysical from the logical-linguistic point of view, aristotle, and later thomas aquinas. Microsoft word - the univocal predication of scotus versus the analogous predication of aquinasdoc univocal - descriptive teacher - students elicitation (teacher) i saw (students) 2 univocal - model identification teacher - one aquinas and analogy the concept is univocal (ie.

lesson 2 univocal equivocal and analogous In logic, equivocation ('calling two different things by the same name') is an informal fallacy resulting from the use of a particular word/expression in multiple senses throughout an argument leading to a false conclusion. lesson 2 univocal equivocal and analogous In logic, equivocation ('calling two different things by the same name') is an informal fallacy resulting from the use of a particular word/expression in multiple senses throughout an argument leading to a false conclusion.
Lesson 2 univocal equivocal and analogous
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